Chapter 1 | Telling a Story

My name is Ashley Young.  I am the proud owner and operator of ANYoung Photography.  I began my journey in Photography in 2013 as a hobby but it quickly grew into a passion. Education is very important to me, in 2009 I received my associates in art and in 2019 my bachelor’s in business administration.  In 2020, I plan to attend school for my MBA to again further my knowledge in sustaining a prominent business.  In 2019 I left my career to pursue Photography full time.  To say this is a leap of faith is a HUGE understatement.  Throughout the last several years I have had the pleasure of working with families that have become lifelong friends.  From weddings to babies I have been blessed to capture it all.  I believe that every person has a unique story to tell and my goal is to tell your story through beautiful images.

Chapter 2 | Heart of Passion

My passion started when I was young, I always focused on how beautiful the world was and the beauty God created. My mom was a photographer growing up and being around her and seeing how she was able to capture the world through a lens inspired me to follow her footsteps. In 2011, my grandmother, my best friend, lost her battle to cancer. As I sat weeks after wanting to hear her voice or see her face, I grabbed on to photos I had with her through the years, and to the last photo I had of her and I holding hands the night she passed away. You never appreciate the value of a picture until one day it is all you have left form that time in your life. Those photos got me through the roughest point in my life and it made me realize how important photography really is. While the moments I had with my grandmother will always remain in my memory it is nice to be able to visually see them once again. As your photographer I look at your session with a new set of eyes. My ambition is to creatively capture your story chapter by chapter, by focusing on you, your dreams, your passion, your personality and people and things you love within your life to create a unique showcase of your life story in the most beautiful way possible. Rather your session be your big day saying “I do” or the way your children smile so big their eyes close and little tiny nose scrunches up when you make them laugh, or the look on a grandparents face when their family is surrounding them, or how your significant other looks at you in deep love, there is always a reason to take a moment, slow life down and even freeze that moment in time. It is my goal to create pictures that you will cherish forever, to make you feel at ease during your session, and to help you mark that moment in your history. Don’t look back and say, “I wish we had pictures from back then.” Instead be able to pull out the photo album and take a stroll down memory lane chapter by chapter.

“I will not forget you; I have carved you in the palm of my hand.”
– Isaiah 49:15
Chapter 3 | Giving Back

My grandmother was a huge influence in my life.  Part of the things I admired about her was her ability to help others.  In the 1970’s she volunteered with a school in Atlanta where she helped children with disabilities.  She educated them, gave them love and aided in showing them how beautiful they were.   There is a black and white photograph of her with the children at the school that I look at every morning with a warmness in my heart that reminds me that we are all created beautiful in God’s image.  This has aided my decision in starting Liz’s Project.  This project is based from my grandmother’s name.  I could not think of a better way of honoring her memory than by carrying on something she had a passion for.  I have partnered with my mother on a mission to show the world that everyone is beautiful.  We launched ‘Liz’s Project’, to give back to families with special needs children.  This program will provide families with special needs children the opportunity for a complimentary session.  To be considered for this opportunity or to nominate someone you love, please fill out the form on the Liz Project section of our website.

Chapter 4 | Upcoming Stories

My goal is to make moments stand still by capturing them with my camera.  All while doing so at a price clients can afford.  To continue my story and my passion, I need my customers to recommend their friends and families to me.  My love story is so important to me!  My heart is my family!  My heart and soul goes into my photography.  Love is my passion in life! Capturing is my talent!  Let me capture your love story!  I operate solely by word of mouth; therefore, the next chapters of my storybook depend on you. I can’t wait to meet you and create you unique showcase for your storybook.